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Stock selectionFind out which stocks are Growers, Earners, Movers, and Workers and build your own stock selection criteria.

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Stock Selector Tool

Our Stock Selection tool can help you narrow down your stock search and get the best comparisons. Select one of our ready made searches or build your own to meet your selection requirements.


Growers are stocks that grow earnings and/or revenue faster than its industry or the overall market. We identify growth stocks as companies showing significant growth in their Earnings Per Share over the previous year.


Earners are stocks with a history of regular dividend payments that constitutes a large portion of the stock/s overall return. We find such stocks by looking for companies with a high dividend yield.


Movers are Momentum stocks, where momentum refers to a company's technical price movement. Where companies have strong momentum, their share price is going up, while companies with weak momentum have share prices going down, or not moving at all.


Workers are Value stocks, stocks that have a lower than average valuation as measured by such metrics as price to earnings (P/E ratio) or price to book ratios. In this case we use the P/E ratio.

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